Welcome Back - September 16th Meeting Recap

Oct. 5, 2019, 8:33 p.m. by Katherine Merrill

The first meeting of the year for the STAT and DS Club!  We introduced new members and announced that we are now an official ASA student chapter.  Over pizza, we had a discussion on what statistical significance means, specifically the merits of the p-value.  This meeting is a precursor to the 9/20 Journal Club and 10/8 Ron Wasserstein's p-value talk in Waterman's Memorial Lounge at noon.  Ron is the Executive Director of the ASA, American Statistical Association.

Next meeting is on October 7th.  Lets get ready for the Fall Data Challenge -This Is Statistics "Help Solve Homelessness."  Bring your laptops.  Come for the stats, stay for the fun!